Integrated Operations
Management Suite for
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DivvyWork is a cloud based system that provides a wide array of tools for the day to day operations of most small to midsize b-to-b companies. Employee time tracking, inventory management, invoice creation and CRM functionality are only the tip of the iceburg. To achieve the level of functionality offered by DivvyWork most companies find themselves faced with the choice of having to buy a large integrated software package costing hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, hire a programming team and build their own system which can end up costing even more or hobble together a solution using various third party SAAS applications that don’t talk to one another. DivvyWork makes these choices obsolete by providing an affordable alternative that offers quick setup, is easy to learn and is expandable to fit your needs.


Where are your Employees?

Managing centralized or distributed workforces is easy with DivvyWork. No matter where your employees are DivvyWork will ensure they are all on the same page when it comes to what needs to be done. Find out more: Manage Your Distributed Workforce


Project Management Inventory Management Integrated CRM
Document Repository Invoice Creation Invoice Fulfillment Tracking
Purchase Order Creation Work Schedule Creation Ticketing
Call Logging Employee Management Employee Time Keeping
Form and Workflow Creation

Project Management

DivvyWork provides a simple project management platform allowing you to create projects, add employees, assign tasks to those employees, track the completions of those tasks and update the project with notes. When employees are given a task to start on a given day they will be reminded in their main dashboard that the task needs to be completed. You can also create macros for recurring project types that have many of the same task. Once an entire project is completed it can be invoiced with just a click of the mouse.

Inventory Management

Whether you need to track sales, rental, or office inventory Divvywork’s system will allow you to know where your inventory is when you need it. Our system allows you to track tangible or intangible products and keep count of them, mark them as rented out, or sold which can be easily brought into your invoices by simply looking the item up or scanning the UPC. When products reach a reorder level they are added to a reorder list and can be placed into a purchase order with the click of a button.

Integrated CRM

DivvyWork’s Customer Relation Tools helps you build a long lasting relationship with your leads and customers by allowing you to track all your interactions and focus on what they need. Create leads and record every interaction until that lead becomes a customer. Once they have become a customer you will have the ability to quickly look up every interaction, invoice, project, ticket or payment from or to that customer. Interaction logs allow you to track monies spent on lunches, social gatherings and other forms of business related entertainment.

Document Repository

The document repository can be used by the company as a whole, by departments, or by individual employees. Rights can be given to employees to post document in the company’s document directory, or to a particular department. All employees will have access to their own documents and to the company’s document directory. This make share things like company policy memos easy for everyone to get to. By restricting access to curtain departments some documents can be shared with only those that should be able to see them.

Invoice Creation

DivvyWork makes creating invoices easy. Regardless if the invoice is related inventory, services rendered, or a combination of the two. The process straight forward and in some cases completely automated. Once created, invoices can be tracked, accounted for, exported as Excel or PDF files and archived.

Invoice Fulfillment Tracking

Invoices created in DivvyWork can be sent to fulfillment for processing if needed. Your fulfillment team can fulfill the invoice or can reject the invoice if there is something wrong with the invoice or it cannot be completed for any other reason. The tracking of invoices and the payment status of invoices is used for tracking accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Purchase Order Creation

Have the ability to create and track purchase orders for all your vendors, it can even be done with the single click of the mouse. When an inventory item’s supply drops below a threshold set by you it will be added to a list of things that need to be reordered from that vendor. When you are ready to reorder just go to your list and generate the purchase order in seconds. As items are receive from the vendor they are automatically added back into inventory.

Work Schedule Creation

Creating a work schedules for your departments or location is easy with DivvyWork. The system lets you create a schedule for a day and copy it to every other day of the week saving you time. This way if Monday through Friday have the same people working the same hours you only have to create the schedule for Monday and copy it over to the rest of the weekdays. You can set the date a given schedule will become active in advance and on that date it will retire that old schedule. Schedules are given out to all managers for their department or location. Employee can see their weekly schedule right from their dashboard.

Call Logging

Knowing who called and when they called is one of the most basic functions of business. Call logs have been around for just as long as the telephone itself. DivvyWork’s call logging system makes tracking calls easy and if a call requires more attention than a simple follow up you can open a trouble ticket from the call log with a click of the mouse.


When problems arise either internally or with an external vendor or customer creating a problem ticket is that best way to track the progress of resolving that problem. The ticketing system in DivvyWork is simple to use and effective. Tickets can be created directly for a call log or can be assigned outside that call logging system. Once created the tickets can be assigned or transferred to any department, position or individual in the company. Employees have full visibility of the ticket that are holding in their dashboard.

Employee Time Keeping

On every employee’s dashboard is an area that allows them to sign in and out of work or lunch. The time tracked here can be seen by business stakeholder and managers. You can view this information between any two dates you would like but it defaults to showing the last weeks activities. You can see any timecards that are currently running and create or edit timecards as needed.

Employee Management

DivvyWork allows you to keep track of employee information and activities through a host of tools throughout the system. Things like creating work schedules, keeping track of employee hours, visibility to which employee created which invoices, who are assigned to which projects, what is their progress with those projects and much more. One of the main purposes of DivvyWork is to track employee through the daily operation of their work and to allow managers and business owners to “divvy” work to their employee with confidence.

Form and Workflow Creation

DivvyWork allows users to create simple customized forms and workflows that can be distributed to throughout your company. Work that would normally take a programmer a day or two to completed can now be done by your in house staff in a 10th of the time. The workflow aspect of this system allow these customized forms to be routed to different departments or positions depending on the status of the form.

DivvyWork ERP PSA CRM Functionality

ERP, PSA, CRM solutions can be out of reach for many small businesses. For as few as 25 users large ERP providers can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The big guys in this field keep the average small business out and only look to highly profitable mid-size to large companies to do business with. However, with DivvyWork small companies can now have much of the same functionality as the large ERP setups at a fraction of the cost.

DivvyWork API

The DivvyWork API will give you access to all of the system’s functionality through your own website or any other web based system you would like to integrate. It's hard to say what the DivvyWork API can help you build because there are so many things you could do with it. For example, if you would like to create a customized smartphone application that uses your data from DivvyWork our API will help you facilitate this. It would help you if you wanted to create a way of managing your inventory though your own website. Or if you would simply like a list of all your current employees and their job titles on your website our API can facilitate this as well. The possibilities are nearly endless and are in your hands.